Are you looking to implement a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for your idea as soon as possible to test the market before investing a lot? We can deliver the MVP of your idea in just seven weeks without compromising quality; then we can release new features every two weeks. Signing an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your intellectual property is also a possible option.

You are not just our customer, you are our technology partner, and your success is our success as well. 

As a startup, you need a different work model; waiting a long time to get complete requirements of the product, before starting implementation, is not a good process for startups:

Startup illustration


Waterfall methodology mobile image

The waterfall model does not fit startups

We use Agile Methodology to rapidly deliver the first release - which we called the Minimum Viable Product MVP- with main features and functionalities to test the market and further identify and build additional features according to the market’s response to the idea:

Agile (Our Process)

Agile methodology desktop imageAgile methodology mobile image

Read more about our work process and see how our process helps you as a startup to realize your success when implementing a new idea.

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