Ideas are very powerful, all human achievements started as an idea in someone's mind.

Choose the right technology partner for implementing your next big idea.

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is a software development agency, we help you transform your big idea into reality. We combine technologies, data science methods, and agile methodologies to deliver scalable and beautifully crafted solutions and products to our customers quickly.


We want to make the world a better place by delivering world-class software-driven solutions and products.


We work with our customers to help them reach their goals and beyond, using technology innovation. We hire top talents and invest in their growth.

The Philosophy
of Our Name

Our name Ryaktive describes our core values. Our name comes from the English word Reactive which is linked to the concept of Reactive Systems in software engineering. A Reactive system is a system that is Responsive in a timely manner if at all possible, Resilient which means staying responsive in the face of failure, and Elastic System that stays responsive under varying workload.
Check the link for more information on reactive concept.

In Ryaktive, the letter e became y which shows our agile nature and lack of hesitation to make any change to meet our clients’ business needs. The letter c became k in Ryaktive which is how the c is pronounced /riˈæk.tɪv/ in the word Reactive, and this reflects our transparency nature, we show the reality to our clients whatever it is, which is the foundation of the trust in our business relationship; so here is

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Our office Ryaktive team

Our engineering office is located in Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia.  
Skopje became an IT outsourcing destination for many of European IT companies due to the availability of highly talented IT human resources with very competitive rates and low operation costs

Why Choose Us?

In today's digitally disrupted world, if you are not agile enough to implement your idea in weeks instead of months; then you are behind.

We at Ryaktive can deliver the MVP for your idea in just 7 weeks​.

Husam Bamatrf
Ryaktive Founder

Husam Bamatrf


Husam has been working in IT industry since 2004. He worked for big and prestigious organizations handling large-scale digital transformation projects such as Dubai Municipality. He was part of UAE federal level projects such as digital signature (he has a registered patent for digital signature using Emirates ID) and digital ID. Moreover, he handled complex process automation projects and made exceptional improvements for customer’s journeys accessing the government services.
​Husam has worked in the private sector as well. He managed large scale data governance projects.

Our Team

We hire top talents
and invest in their growth.​

Hadis Alija Project Manager
Hadis Alija
Project Manager
Aleksandar Anastasov Data Analyst
Aleksandar Anastasov
Data Analyst
Nikola Matoski UX/UI Designer
Nikola Matoski
UX/UI Designer
Tale Anevski Front-end Developer
Tale Anevski
Front-end Developer
Irena Karamachoska Front-end Developer
Irena Karamachoska
Front-end Developer
Argjent Shaqiri Back-end Developer
Argjent Shaqiri
Back-end Developer
Kristijan Mitrikjeski Mobile Developer
Kristijan Mitrikjeski
Mobile Developer
Adeeb Bamatraf Information Security Consultant
Adeeb Bamatraf
Information Security Consultant

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