The website or the app of your online shop is the first thing that triggers your customers to continue the shopping journey or to leave

If you have an existing online store or are looking to launch a new one, we can help you realize your targets. e-Commerce is not about online websites with product listings anymore; it is so much more than that.

The website or the app of your online shop is the first thing that triggers your customers to continue the shopping journey or to leave. We know how to make the visits of your customers engaging and provide a satisfying shopping experience through:

Interaction Design

We review how your website or mobile app interacts with your customers and prospects to identify potential issues such as lack of feedback or unclear feedback after users’ action. We test your website or app against many criteria; we even introduce creative ways to improve the user experience and make your customers love shopping at your online store.

Customer Journey Analytics

Analyzing how your customers progress through your online store, page by page, from entry to exit and identifying your biggest opportunities and frustrations.
Beside, we work to answer specific user experience questions such as what change we can add to increase the traffic to one particular product or category; we do A/B testing and analytics methods to reach the correct answer.

Personalizing Your Customer’s Experience

Users feel attracted to the product or service if your product or your service provides a personalized experience for them based on their interests and needs. We do machine learning to understand your customers through data and using that data to personalize the experience. We do customers segmentation based on how your customers interact with your online store and historical data as well.

User Interface

We love clean user interface, we are specialized in creating an easy and clean user interface, we can evaluate your current user interface and optimize it for a better user experience.

Visual Design

Visual design is the secret sauce for successful user experience; however, a lot of it can have negative impact. We help you identify the right combination of colors, symbols, animation, and typography to engage your customers and deliver the right message and help your users find what they are looking for.

Information Architecture

Information is the core of your online store; failing to structure the information in the right way will impact negatively how your users are finding what they are looking for. We will work with you to structure your online store's content as per the best practice and based on analyzing the usage trends of your website or your app.

We help you increasing your direct sales and overall customers conversion by analyzing your data and identifying the pitfalls such as abandoned e-carts and introduce digital marketing solutions to increase your sales such as:

Real-time personalization based on your customer interaction and shopping history to present personalized results on search, content, pages, and marketing emails.
Click here to know more about our service in implementing customers data platform.

Analysis of your website data to get a deep intuitive understanding of your customer

Online customer loyalty programs to promote desirable customer behaviors and drive measurable increases in customer lifetime value (LTV).

Trust optimization based on AI-powered reviews platform

Analysis and segmentation of your customers which help to introduce personalized experience and intelligent marketing.

A/B testing for features and your online products marketing techniques to understand which works and which does not work.

Online ad campaign protection from fraud clicks to save your investment in these campaigns: we use automated software using advanced AI to monitor your ads in real time, analyze each click, and use the data from millions of clicks to determine if the click is legitimate or fraudulent with.

Human psychology techniques to increase the trust on your online store using AI powered techniques such as showing product rates at the right time at the right place and showing live updates of your latest sold items to your customers to increase the trust and provide engaged shopping experience.

Our work engagement with you can be project-based with a defined scope or based on one-year engagement where our team will work closely with you on a monthly basis to measure and optimize the customer journey and marketing techniques to reach the target performance outcomes.

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